Deep Flow Gutters

These systems are unique in the UK in that they contain a high proportion of post consumer recycled PVC. Approximately 84% by weight of Swish gutters and pipes is recycled material, saving 70% of CO2 created by using virgin material throughout.

Traditional round gutter with a deeper cross section suitable for detached houses, offices and commercial buildings

All Swish guttering systems and colours are Kitemarked.

Deepflow Gutter

Flow rate: 1.8litres/second, Area drained: 86sqm.
Figures established by physical testing in accordance with BS EN 12056 3:2000

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SDG4 Deepflow Gutter 4m W/B/N/AG 4m 6

Fittings for Gutter & Downpipe

Ogee gutter system can be used with either round or square downpipes. See Round or Square gutter for details.

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SDA1 Deepflow 90° Angle W/B/N/AG   4
SDA2 Deepflow 135° Angle W/B/N/AG   4
SDE1 Deepflow External Stopend W/B/N/AG   10
SDE2 Deepflow Internal Stopend W/B/N/AG   10
SDK1 Deepflow Fascia Bracket W/B/N/AG   100
SDO1 Deepflow Running Outlet W/B/N/AG   10
SDU1 Deepflow Union Bracket W/B/N/AG   10

W = White / B = Black / N = Brown / AG = Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)

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