Swish works in partnership with contractors providing technical and commercial support to make the procurement and installation process as simple and predictable as possible.

Swish is able to bring together contractors and specialist stockists that are experienced in providing logistical and financial contract support. This ensures delivery of the correct products, on time, in full and at a known contract price. Where appropriate Swish also offers the specialist installation services of a Swish Commercial Contractor.



When designing a roofline there are a number of choices to be made with regard to:

  • Height of fascia

  • Depth of soffit

  • Ventilation system

  • Decorative detail

  • Colours

Swish Technical Services Department is able to provide advice and guidance on these elements and give the designer a detailed call off with pricing schedules attached.



Swish recommends that Contractors ensure their staff are aware of the requirements for installing PVC roofline and cladding for both newbuild and renovation.

Swish will provide any required training covering:

  • Health and Safety

  • Storage and Handling

  • Ventilation requirements

  • Identification of correct components

  • Installation best practice

  • Avoidance of waste

Technical Support

Technical Support

Swish invests heavily in technical resources including personnel to provide  backup for specifiers and contractors.

The Swish Technical Team and the Swish Technical Sales Force are the largest support resource within the industry for specifiers and contractors. We also work with our stockists, who form a vital link in the supply chain, to continually improve our service.

Specialist Installers

Installer.jpgSpecialist Installers

Swish is able to bring together building contractors with specialist roofline installers under the Swish Commercial Contractor Scheme.

This ensures that the work is carried out:

  • To a high standard

  • To a set price

  • To a set timescale

  • With no wastage

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