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Swish cellular PVC fascia, soffit, guttering and cladding systems; used by architects to create attractive, affordable designs that meet client expectations and are simple for contractors to install.

A range of useful literature has been produced to aid you when working with Swish Building Products, including product guides, design guides and installation guides, as well as Swish's guarantees and accreditations which help you to comply with the code for sustainable homes

Information regarding building regulations and ventilation requirements can be found in the design section of the site. Alternatively you can use this hyperlink.




Use the tools on this page to see how the roofline comes together with our visual assembler, check out the Building Regulation requirements and access CAD drawings to set out the required design. 

Design guides are also available for download in pdf format, and more literature can be found either using the tab on this page, or via the library on the menu bar at the top of the page. 

Design Guides

A series of A4 leaflets setting out the important design and installation considerations for all the major roofline, cladding and gutter components.

More helpful guides and literature can be found in the library section of our website which you can navigate to by clicking here.

Visual Assembler

Roofline assembler

The Swish Visual Assembler is an animated representation of the major roofline components. It shows their relationship to each other and how they fit together.


  • Fascia boards are available in a large number of colours, styles and sizes to suit most applications.

  • Ventilation may be provided over the fascia or through the soffit (alternatives not shown).

  • For 16mm to 25mm fascias a backing board is not required.

  • Guttering fixes directly to these fascias.

  • Fascia & soffit joints are made between rafters.

  • 8mm expansion gaps required at joints in long runs.

  • A4 marine grade stainless steel fixings required.



The roofline and clad fascades of any dwelling are usually:

  • Exposed to the elements

  • Inaccessible for regular maintenence

  • Difficult and costly to access and maintain

Where timber is used::

  • It generally has a high moisture content

  • Is maintained with short lifetime coatings

  • Is inadequately maintained above the fasca, around the gutter and at the joints

  • CO2 and VOC's are created during the maintenence process

  • The material is unlikely to last more than 20 to 30 years

  • Difficult to recycle at the end of its service life.

Technical Help

Technical Help

Guide-and-profile.jpgSwish is happy to offer technical help for design and installation requirements:

Swish offers the following:

  • Product training for specifiers

  • Onsite installation  training for contractors

  • CPD presentations - in person or on line.