Gallows Brackets & Dentils

A range of Gallows and Dentils for roofline, canopies, bay and oriel windows. The dentils may be secretly fixed and the gallows brackets are load bearing and capable of offering structural support to door and window canopies.


The surface pattern on the gallows brackets mimics the traditional appearance of timber with a high level of beveling detail.

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C471 Gallows Bracket - Small W 70 x 630 x 580mm 10
C472 Gallows Bracket - Large W 50 x 745 x 770mm 10

W = White


The orientation and spacing are worth consideration. A continuous PVC sub-fascia under the soffit will enhance the effect

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C481 Dentil 02 W 77 x 120 x 105mm 56
C482 Dentil 03 W 77 x 100 x 200mm 28
C483 Dentil 04 W 77 x 250 x 200mm 32

W = White