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Swish makes every effort to have a positive impact on the local community, but the company recognises that its operations may cause problems for some local people.

If you wish to contact Swish about the conduct of our operations or our staff please send us the details using the following form.

We will acknowledge your contact and investigate the details thoroughly.

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Previous complaints and actions

2018 - No complaints were received

2017 - During the whole of 2017 Swish did not receive any complaints from local residents/businesses in connection with its production or warehousing activities.

2016 - Subsequent to the item below no further complaints were received during the remainder of 2016

2015/16 - Currently Swish is seeking a resolution to a complaint concerning night time noise from the new warehousing operation.
No other complaints were received in 2015.

2014 - June: A local resident whose house is less than 200 yards from our back yard complained of noise late at night from fork lift trucks revving their engines. At that time we had to store more stock outside in the back yard. As we are a 24 hour operation at times we have to access this stock, and during the operation of moving the stock some of our FLT’s have been revving the engines.

Actions Taken: The resident was visited to discuss the issue; warehouse employees were instructed to minimise engine noise; where possible movement of stock on the back yard was restricted to daylight hours; the resident was informed of the actions taken to minimise noise and that the situation would be resolved once the new warehouse has been built.

2013 - No complaints received

2012- Jan: Local residents complained to Tamworth Borough Council regarding noise levels from the Swish factory at night. It was found that the noise was coming from dust hogs situated outside the factory walls. The motors  were found to be squealing as the drive belts were slack. The drive belts were tightened and the bearings were replaced on the motor following vibration analysis.

Noise assessments were carried out on the perimeter of the site to detect noise levels and identify any further issues (carried out 19th June 2012). The local Environmental Officer revisited the site on 12th June, following another test and found noise levels to be reduced such that site noise was not detectable.

2011- April: Small discharge of powder from an external silo due to delivery driver not following laid down proceedure. No formal complaint received from neighbouring businesses.

2010 - No complaints

2009 - No complaints

2008 - A number of complaints were received from local businesses regarding the discharge of white powder from the top of a silo. On four occasions over a period of 5 months white powder was evident on the vehicles parked on neighbouring carparks. Investigation revealed a series of mistakes made in filling and cleaning the silo, and a technical problem with a filter. Proceedures were revised