White Foil


 16mm Fascias

A 16mm thick fascia board with standard square styling that is light but strong.  Fixes directly to rafter feet and bears the weight of eaves tiles and guttering without the support of a backing board or tilt fillet. Soffit engages by push fit.

16mm Fascia White.jpg
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C345 150mm Fascia K 5m 2
C346 175mm Fascia K 5m 2
C348 225mm Fascia K 5m 2
C351 405mm Fascia D/E K 5m 1

9mm Cappit™ Refurbishment Fascia 

9mm Cappit™ is a flat-backed refurbishment fascia or bargeboard for overcapping existing sound timber backing.  A square return leg accommodates lay-on soffits.  This board requires a timber backing board to support the eaves row of tiles. Foiled and coloured Cappit boards should be fixed at 400mm maximum centres.

9mm Cappit Board White_.jpg
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C095 175mm K 5m 2
C120 225mm K 5m 2
C150 405mm (D/E) K 5m 1

K= White Foil

D/E - Double Ended

Flat Board

 9mm Flat Board

Gee Pee Board Bright White_C253.jpg
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C240 150mm Flat Board K 5m 2
C241 175mm Falt Board K 5m 2
C245 225mm Flat Board K 5m 2

K = White Foil

Skirting & Trims

 Architrave & Skirtings

95mm Skirting White Foil_C095K.jpg
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C254 45 x 6mm Architrave K 5m 10
C258 70 x 6mm Skirting K 5m 10
C259 95 x 6mm Skirting K 5m 5


Quadrant 12mm Bright White.jpg
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C205 25mm D Mould K 5m 25
C216 17.5mm Quadrant K 5m 20
C021 12mm Quadrant K 5m 20
C012 25 x 20mm Rectangle K 5m 10
C016 20mm Edge Mould K 5m 25

K=White Foil