Government Sponsored Green Deal

All Green deal funded work must be undertaken by competent companies who can demonstrate that they hold recognised qualifications. The Green Deal is a Government sponsored framework designed to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses at no up-front cost.

Consumers pay back the cost of improvements through the savings in their energy bills. Improvements include measures, such as loft and cavity wall insulation, energy efficient glazing, innovative hot water systems, condensing boilers and controls, and external wall insulation.

The period of loan will vary depending on the cost of the improvements and the rate of saving, but could be up to 25 years. Charges are attached to the electricity bill at the property and unlike conventional loans the charge is transferred to the new occupant when a consumer moves from their property.

When new windows, doors and especially EWI (External Wall Insulation) are fitted, opportunities exist to refit and possibly extend the fascias. In order to carry out work under the Green Deal, installers must be able to demonstrate their competence with a qualification such as an NVQ2.

The OSCAR is also acceptable as a qualification in these circumstances. It then remains for the installation company to demonstrate that it is covered by a suitable quality system such as ISO9001. Even if the installation company does not have ISO9001 they can still work as a subcontractor under the quality certification of the main contractor.