Spelling of Fascia

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It’s quite a curious thing but sometimes an industry uses a word every day to describe its products but the spelling of that word and how you say it is really difficult to pin down – even for people in the know.

The Roofline business in which Swish Building Products is a major player, is no different. “Roofline” is a word that we pretty much invented many years ago in order to sound a bit more technical when describing what are still referred to by most people in the trade as Fascias and Soffits.

But it’s the word “fascia” that most people can’t agree on, and it’s a great example of a word that you’d think should be easy enough to spell – until you come to write it down.

How do we know this? Well Google records the search terms that people use when looking for products and companies, and a quick look at the results tells us that we should celebrate the wonderful inventiveness of everyone racking their brains for the best combination of letters to use for this strange word.

So lots of people search for Facia, Fecia, Fasia, Facier, Facsia, Faschia, Fasciia, Facers, Facials the list goes on…….

And each could fit the bill because “fascia” or “fascias” is one of those wonderful words which sounds as though it could be spelt a thousand different ways depending on how you say it and possibly which part of the country you come from.

On top of that Microsoft Word and all the other spelling auto correct systems don’t seem to recognise it in its correct form, so you’ll get no help there!