Social Housing Providers

Swish Building Products has supplied the social housing sector for more than 20 years and is committed to providing support for LA and RSL specifiers and their contractor partners.

Swish offers best value through partnering arrangements, quality products and full technical support, to make the specification process as simple as possible. Swish products include fascias and soffits, guttering and cladding systems, for refurbishment or new-build.

PVC offers significant savings in life time costs. This is because it is highly suitable for exposed and inaccessible locations where it will last the lifetime of the building without the need for maintenence.

Also available is Marbrex, a system of internal decorative, hygienic panelling products that are cost effective replacements for tiling.


Starting from the top of the image we have the Roofline.

Usually known as fascias and soffits, Swish systems completely replace timber components. 

  • last the lifetime of the building

  • do not require any maintenance

  • can be fully recycled

We then have Rainwater.

Swish rainwater systems contain a high proportion of recycled material and therefore consume less energy during manufacture.

  • 84% recycled material

  • 70% CO2 saving

Beneath the rainwater we have cladding.

  • Requires no maintenance