Square Gutters

These systems are unique in the UK in that they contain a high proportion of post consumer recycled PVC. Approximately 84% by weight of Swish gutters and pipes is recycled material, saving 70% of CO2 created by using virgin material throughout.

Classic square gutter suitable for modern or older housing and often used on conservatories. Higher flow for larger roofs

All Swish guttering systems and colours are Kitemarked.

Square Gutter and Downpipe

Flow rate: 1.6litres/second, Area drained: 76sqm.
Figures established by physical testing in accordance with BS EN 12056 3:2000

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SQG4Square GutterW/B/N4m6
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SQP25Square DownpipeW/B/N2.5m6
SQP4Square DownpipeW/B/N4m6
SQP55Square DownpipeW/B/N5.5m6

Fittings for Gutter & Downpipe


codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SQA1Square 90° AngleW/B/N 10
SQA2Square 135° AngleW/B/N 10
SQE1Square External StopendW/B/N 100
SQE2Square Internal StopendW/B/N 20
SQK1Square Fascia BracketW/B/N 100
SQO1Square Running OutletW/B/N 20
SQO2Square Stopend OutletW/B/N 20
SQU1Square Union BracketW/B/N 30
SQB1Square 92.5° Offset BendW/B/N 20
SQB2Square 112.5° Offset BendW/B/N 30
SQB3Square ShoeW/B/N 30
SQC1Square Pipe ClipW/B/N 100
SQC2Square Pipe Clip (Flush)W/B/N 100
SRH1Hopper (Square/Round)W/B/N/AG 10
SQS1Square Pipe SocketW/B/N 20
SQY1Square 112.5° BranchW/B/N 10
SRD2Square/Round Pipe AdaptorW/B/N 10

W = White / B = Black / N = Brown

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