Ogee Gutters

These systems are unique in the UK in that they contain a high proportion of post consumer recycled PVC. Approximately 84% by weight of Swish gutters and pipes is recycled material, saving 70% of CO2 created by using virgin material throughout.

High capacity system for larger roofs where run off is rapid. Traditional or top hung brackets. Corners positively fixed for added security.

All Swish guttering systems and colours are Kitemarked.

Ogee Gutter

Flow rate: 2.2litres/second, Area drained: 105sqm.
Figures established by physical testing in accordance with BS EN 12056 3:2000

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SGG4Ogee Gutter 4mW/B/N4m4

Fittings for Gutter & Downpipe

Ogee gutter system can be used with either round or square downpipes. See Round or Square gutter for details.

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
SGA1Ogee 90° Internal AngleW/B/N 10
SGA2Ogee 90° External AngleW/B/N 10
SGA3Ogee 135° Internal AngleW/B/N 10
SGA4Ogee 135° External AngleW/B/N 10
SGA5Ogee 150° External AngleW/B/N 4
SGE1Ogee External Stopend (L/H)W/B/N 10
SGE2Ogee External Stopend (R/H)W/B/N 10
SGK1Ogee Fascia BracketW/B/N 100
SGK2Ogee Top Fascia BracketW/B/N 20
SGO1Ogee Running OutletW/B/N 10
SGO2Ogee Stopend Outlet (R/H)W/B/N 10
SGO3Ogee Stopend Outlet (L/H)W/B/N 10
SGU1Ogee Union BracketW/B/N 8

W = White / B = Black / N = Brown

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