Private Developers

Swish provides unrivalled technical support to newbuild customers.

Support commences with design input at the beginning of a project and goes through to call off and pricing. Bespoke products can be developed and certain boards are reserved for newbuild use.

Our technical services team and large technical sales force is available to provide product training at Swish and training on site. They are always available for technical enquiries and problem resolution and form an essential part of the installation process.

Products & Product Development



A full range of cost effective fascias, bargeboards, ventilation systems and decorative elements for use in newbuild and other large contract situations.

  • 16mm boards are load bearing and will support a full guttering system and the eaves course of tiles.

  • Large range of colours – bespoke foiled colours may be produced where there is a commercial requirement.

  • Spires, finials, gallows, dentils and a wide variety of decorative trims

Product Development

The Swish Technical Team are able to undertake bespoke product development in conjunction with new build customers.

Previous developments include embossed box end panels, finials, bracing bars, dentil moulds and bespoke decorative fascias and bargeboards. These decorative elements have served to individualise properties and make them more desirable.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Swish offers management of the supply chain to reduce the supply burden on the developer and contractor.

This arrangement is usually formalised in a partnering agreement that involves the client, the contractor, a capable stockist or stockists and Swish sales and technical personnel.

Customers are encouraged to judge Swish performance against nominated KPI's so that improvements can be clearly defined and measured.

To arrange for a presentation from a Swish Business Development Manager please telephone 01827 317200 or email Swish.

Code for Sustainable Homes


The Code for Sustainable Homes seeks to substantially reduce the adverse environmental effects associated with the construction and habitation of new houses.

The Code required that by 2013 all new homes should be being built to Level 4 of the Code with Level 6 (carbon neutral) being achieved by 2016.

The materials section of the Code allows developers to gain points towards Levels 4, 5 and 6 by specifying known low carbon systems for the external walls, roof and floors (Mat1) with further points available for the responsible sourcing of Basic Building Elements (Mat2) and Finishing Elements (Mat3).

Until now maximum points for fascia and cladding under Mat2&3 could only be achieved by using FSC timber, and maximum points for guttering was not achievable. However Swish now holds BES6001 Responsible Sourcing Certification which allows developers the option of specifying products that will gain them maximum CSH points as well as lasting the lifetime of the building without the need for maintenance.


Swish Cellular PVC roofline products qualify for 3 points as a Tier 1 product under Mat3, the section dealing with Responsible Sourcing of Finishing Elements.


Swish low carbon guttering systems also qualify for 3 points as a Tier 1 product under Mat3 making the swish fascia and cladding combination the only fascia and gutter system to offer maximum CSH points.


PVC Cladding installed over timber framing now carries an A+ rating. This allows developers to claim the maximum three points available under the CSH for just such an external wall system.  In addition, under Responsible Sourcing of Basic Building Elements Mat 2, Swish PVC Cladding qualifies for 3 points as a Tier 1 product.


Tier 1 products are those where the manufacturer is certified to at least BES6001 “Very Good”. In order to achieve Very Good the manufacturer is also required to hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.


For guidance on specification of Swish Roofline, Cladding or Guttering please call 01827 317238.

Full technical design and installation guides are available.