New Products for 2023!

February 07, 2023 at 12:03 PM

At Swish, we are continuing our commitment to providing the widest range of high-quality foiled products in the market, by expanding our already extensive collections of window trims, soffits, fascias, and cover boards.


Firstly, we have introduced a new smooth black foil to our window trims range. This contemporary addition has been specifically designed to complement the colours and finishes already available throughout the window industry, whilst also enabling you to offer an even wider choice of colours to your customers.

Secondly, we have added new foiled products to our existing Black, Anthracite Grey, and Agate Grey ranges, with additional sizes being introduced to our selection of replacement fascia, cover boards, vented soffits, and corners and joints.

You can find a full list of the new sizes, together with pack quantity details, below:

Description Pack Qty Description Pack Qty
Black Foil   Agate Grey Foil  
300 x 16mm Square Fascia 1 x 5m 150 x 9mm Square Cover Board   2 x 5m
Anthracite Grey Foil   175 x 9mm Square Cover Board  2 x 5m
150 x 9mm Vented Soffit -10mm air flow 2 x 5m 200 x 9mm Square Cover Board  2 x 5m
175 x 9mm Vented Soffit -10mm air flow 2 x 5m 225 x 9mm Square Cover Board  2 x 5m
225 x 9mm Vented Soffit -10mm air flow  2 x 5m 300 x 9mm Square Cover Board  2 x 5m
405 x 9mm Vented Soffit -10mm air flow 2 x 5m 405 x 9mm Square D/E Cover Board  1 x 5m
300 x 16mm Square Fascia 1 x 5m 1 x 5m 300mm Square Joint 10
Smooth Black Foil   300mm Square Corner  10
25mm D Mould 25 x 5m 300mm Hollow Soffit  5 x 5m
25 x 20mm Rectangle 10 x 5m Hollow Soffit Starter/Edge Trim 10 x 5m
20mm Edge Trim 25 x 5m Hollow Soffit Joint Trim  10 x 5m
17.5mm Quadrant  20 x 5m    
45 x 6mm Architrave (flat-back) 10 x 5m    
70 x 6mm Skirting (flat-back)  10 x 5m    
95 x 6mm Skirting (flat-back)  5 x 5m    

Colour Ref: AG = Agate Grey (RAL 7038) SZ = Smooth Black (RAL 9004 closest)

All of our new products are also on the following page, under the relevant colour: Products by colour

For further information about our new foils and sizes, or for details about any of our other product ranges, call our knowledgeable team today on 01827 317 200 or email Alternatively, you can contact your local Area Sales Manager.

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