Benefits of using Bathroom Wall Panels

January 25, 2022 at 4:10 PM

Embarking on a bathroom refurbishment project can be both daunting and expensive. However, there is a way of recreating that 'designer' look you've always loved with minimum effort and at a fraction of the cost.


Bathroom wall panels are a tasteful alternative to tiles and beautifully emulate that high-end, luxury appearance without the associated cost. Whether you are looking for a classic marble finish, a natural stone aesthetic or the warmth of natural wood, there is an extensive range of colours and styles on the market to suit every taste and style of home.

How do you fit Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bombay-Bathroom.jpgEasily! Perfectly suited to bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms and toilet rooms, internal PVC wall and shower panels are lightweight and can be installed in half the time it takes to fit traditional tiles. You can also install them yourself, so there is no need to employ the services of a professional tiler.

The unique design of bathroom wall panels means they can be applied directly to clean unprepared walls, over rough plaster work with suitable battening, and even on top of existing tiles. Installation requires no specialist tools or skills, saving both time and money.

The result, however, is a luxurious, professional finish that gives you a bathroom that is not only beautiful but practical and easy to care for.

A Low Maintenance, Waterproof Finish

Bathroom and shower wall panels have a waterproof finish and are extremely low maintenance, requiring only a wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, followed by a rinse of water, to keep them clean. Their construction also helps to reduce condensation, which combined with the absence of grout (that could attract mould) makes for a clean, hygienic environment.

Bathroom Wall Panels to Suit Every Style

Creating an attractive interior whilst keeping within budget and time restraints can be a challenge. Marbrex bathroom panels are the answer - providing the quality and design you demand and enabling you to effortlessly create the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether you live in a contemporary townhouse, charming cottage or traditional terrace there is a bathroom wall panel to suit. Visit the Marbrex website for some inspiration and to find out more.