Kayflow and Central Civil Supplies – An ever-growing partnership

August 26, 2020 at 8:15 AM

At Kayflow, we understand the importance of creating strong relationships with our customers and we have done just that with Central Civil Supplies since the partnership started in February 2018.


central-civils-01.jpgCentral Civil Supplies Limited were established back in 2000 to address the demand for a specialist merchant dedicated to drainage and civil engineering supplies. The company has gone from strength to strength, with a sound base built on excellent customer service and reliability.

In 2008, Central Civil Supplies relocated near the A50 in Stoke on Trent to a two-acre site. The reasoning behind this was so they could expand their stock profile and increase the depth of their stock in order to meet the day to day expectations and demands from their contractors.

We started to forge a strong relationship with Central Civil Supplies when our National Business Development Manager for Drainage, Andy Swain got in touch with their Managing Director, Jim Williams. Andy commented “The partnership started when I first moved to Swish. Central Civil Supplies were customers of mine in a previous role and following an initial conversation, where they took a keen interest in Kayflow and our products, I was delighted to bring them on board. Since then, the relationship has become stronger and stronger.

Andy added “The relationship itself actually works really simply and that suits both parties. Central Civil Supplies place orders much like the majority of our customers and we go the extra mile to keep them happy and ensure excellent customer service through every step of their journey with us. Jim and I have regular meetings to ensure that they are kept up to date with our product offering, the pricing structure is right and ultimately that they are happy with how things are going. We have an honest and transparent relationship and if Jim has any issues or concerns, he will always contact me to discuss.

As well as having an existing relationship in place with Andy, the partnership started as Central Civil Supplies were looking for a stock brand for their underground drainage products. Andy said “They were very much looking for an alternative to other underground fitting systems and this is where the Kayflow product offering impressed them and proved to be an excellent fit. We were delighted to start working with them as traditionally, Kayflow deal with much smaller builds, whereas Central Civil Supplies deal with much larger and medium builds and work with different civil contractors. This is brilliant for Kayflow as the business is opening up new opportunities and it’s a slight change in demographic for the underground drainage side of our business.”

Central Civil Supplies are also naturally delighted with how the relationship has continued to prosper. Their Managing Director, Jim Williams commented “Kayflow is a superb brand – one that we now trust and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. The quality of their product is excellent, their pricing is competitive and if we ever run in to any problems, they are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Jim added “The products that we buy from Kayflow are core products for civil drainage. Their product portfolio suits what we are looking for and the quality never lets us down. I remember hearing about Kayflow following conversations with other people in the industry and soon after, Andy approached us to discuss what they could offer us as a business to meet our needs. Ever since then we have never looked back and the relationship has continued to grow.

Jim finished by saying “I would recommend Kayflow to any other business that were looking for rainwater, underground and drainage solutions. The quality of their products are second to none, their product portfolio meets all of our needs and the customer service that we receive from Andy and the team ensures that we never have any issues, and if we do, they are sorted quickly.”


If you would like any further information about Kayflow or it’s products, please contact Andy Swain on 07778 176 354 or e-mail aswain@swishbp.co.uk. You can also visit our website: www.kayflow.co.uk.