Swish and EWE’s successful supplier relationship puts customer at its heart

August 05, 2023 at 9:14 AM

EWE Building Plastics works hard to provide its customers with only the highest quality products supported by excellent customer care. In this Q&A with Will Evans, Managing Director of EWE, we find out why EWE chose to stock Swish products and how EWE and Swish have created a strong, successful working relationship based on mutual support and putting their customers first.


Please can you tell us about EWE Building Plastics?

EWE Building Plastics is a UPVC merchant and retail outlet supplying both the trade and domestic markets. We have four branches across the Northwest and North Wales, each with high stock levels of product from the leading manufacturers.

When did your relationship with Swish start?


We started working with Swish in 2010. Historically, we have stocked Permacell and Deeplas products, which have proved extremely popular with our customers and enabled us to grow both our own and the Deeplas brand across North Wales. Once we had built and established our reputation within this sector, we decided the time was right for an expansion into the specification market. To achieve this we required the support of a market leader which had a proven track record. This is when our relationship with Swish began.

What attracted you to Swish and its products?

As a business we were ready to take the next step. We were rapidly growing our customer base, but our product range was preventing us from getting on to some established tender lists. At the same time, we were noticed by a Swish representative due to our rapid take over of the building plastic materials market in our local area.

We believed Swish would be able to assist with the growth of our business and enable us to successfully break through into the specification market. Its reputation for quality, both in terms of its products and customer service; its knowledge of the industry; and its approachable, expert team, also appealed. Likewise, Swish felt we were a good fit for its business and had the capability to strengthen the Swish brand in our area.

Are Swish products popular with your customers?

We supply housebuilders, housing associations, builders’ merchants, builders and ‘DIY’ers, as well as homeowners, and Swish is popular with all. The Swish brand gives an assurance of quality and reliability that our customers can trust.

The brand is regularly the first manufacturer’s name on roofline and cladding tender specifications due to its proven reputation in the market to offer the best quality solution. Swish also offers a ‘take-off’ service for housebuilders and technical onsite support when required, which makes a real difference to our customers.

As a business, with Swish’s support we have grown the Swish roofing, Kayflow and Zest – formerly Marbrex – brands across North Wales and the Northwest over the past 13 years, helping to bring these quality brands to more customers.


What has Swish support enabled you to achieve and will your working relationship continue?

Swish has been integral to our growth. Our strong working relationship has enabled us to thrive and expand, whilst also helping to build the Swish brand in our region. Swish also shares many of our core business values.

Over the past 20 years, our ethos has been centred around being able to offer our customers best value. This is through stocking quality, proven, and well-specified product ranges in large volumes, backed by a free direct to site delivery service. We also pride ourselves on the technical support we offer, from installation to product specification queries, which mirrors Swish’s own customer offering.

Our dedicated team has been key to our expansion, developing key customer relationships and maintaining them through clear and concise communication, technical support, and commitment. This – together with Swish’s support - is why we have been able to continue to grow our business over the last 20 years.

We hope to continue working with Swish long into the future and look forward to seeing where this successful relationship can take us.