Decorative Fascias

Decorative fascia elements that allow the designer to create an individual feel to a property while retaining the benefits of a standard system.

Decorative Roofline

Concave and convex fascia and bargeboard designs in 5m lengths that replace standard boards. They support eaves tiles and gutters

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C457Decorative Bargeboard (Convex)W5m2
C458Decorative Bargeboard (Concave)W5m2

W = White


Convex , concave and straight mouldings fit to the face of existing fascia in any combination. Decorative only, not loadbearing.

codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C445Roofstyle Concave MouldingW450mm2
codedescriptioncoloursizepack qty
C446Roofstyle Convex MouldingW450mm2

W = White