Cellular PVC Cladding

Robust cellular PVC cladding profiles in traditional styles, with complementary joints, trims and fixings. Cellular PVC cladding is an ideal substitute for timber cladding; it will not discolour, retains its appearance, is virtually maintenance free and is weather resistant.


A traditional Shiplap cladding profile for horizontal installation.  The visible bottom edges are square. The 300mm unit is a 2 x 150mm Twin Plank profile.

Swish C001 100mm Shiplap Cladding.jpg
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C001100mm ShiplapW5m5
C002150mm ShiplapW/H/M/C/R/Z/X5m5
C005300mm Shiplap (Twin Plank)W5m2

W = White | H = Cream |  M = Mahogany | C = Light Oak | R = Rosewood | Z = Black | X = Anthracite Grey (Foiled) RAL7016

Open V

Modern cladding, with a symmetrical V groove between profiles giving a sharper appearance to the joints.  May be installed horizontally or vertically.  Ideal for use as a soffit board.

Swish C269 100mm OpenV.jpg
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C269100mm Open VeeW/M/C/R/Z5m5
C003150mm Open VeeW5m5

W = White | M = Mahogany | C = Light Oak | R = Rosewood | Z = Black


An almost flush finish, tongue and groove cladding profile forming a small V groove between profiles.  May be installed horizontally or vertically.  Ideal for use as a soffit board.

Swish C055 125mm Tee Gee Cladding.jpg
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C055125mm TeeGeeW5m5

W = White

Feather Edge

Mimics the traditional, overlapping feather edge style of timber cladding, providing a rounded bottom edge.  Intended for use in horizontal applications only.

Swish C208 Feather Edge Cladding.jpg
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C208125mm Feather EdgeW5m5

W = White

M-Boss Cladding

A Shiplap cladding profile for horizontal installation with a textured surface that simulates the patterns of  a traditional timber board.

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C600150mm Shiplap M-BossF/Y5m5
C605300mm Shiplap M-BossF/Y5m2

F = White (Low Gloss) | Y = Cream (Low Gloss) RAL9001

Cladding Trims

Universal Trims

Swish C026 Universal Channel.jpg
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C026Universal Channel


5m10 (Foiled 5)
C034Cover TrimW5m20
C039Plank Top TrimW5m10
C040Universal Channel + Batten CoverW5m10
C2902-Part Universal Trim (M)W/H/M/C/R/Z/X5m10 (Foiled 5)
C2912-Part Universal Trim (F)W/H5m10

Angles & Ventilators

Swish C061 Angle Vent.jpg
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C06860x15mm AngleW5m10
C06930x15mm AngleW5m10
C06130x15mm Angle VentilatorW5m5
C06560x15mm Angle VentilatorW/A/B5m5


Swish C292-293 2Part Corner Trim.jpg
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C030External CornerW5m5
C2922-Part Corner (M)W/H5m5
C2932-Part Corner (F)W/H/M/C/R/Z/X5m5


Swish C029 Starter Trim.jpg
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C027Universal StarterW/A/B5m10
C028Wall StarterW5m10
C029Drip StarterW5m10
C035Drip TrimW5m10


Swish C057 125mm Cladding Joint.jpg
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C0512-Part Joint (M)W/H/M/C/R/Z5m5
C0522-Part Joint (F)W/M/C/R/Z5m5
C033Centre JointW5m5
C042100mm Shiplap JointW 10
C043150mm Shiplap JointW/M/C/R/Z/X 10
C281100mm Open V JointW/M/C/R/Z 10
C044150mm Open V JointW 10
C057125mm TeeGee/Feather Edge JointW 10
C631150mm Shiplap Joint (M-Boss)W/H 10
C630300mm Shiplap Joint (M-Boss)W/H 10

W = White | H = Cream | M = Mahogany | C = Light Oak | R = Rosewood | Z = Black | X = Gale Grey Foil*

*Gale Grey Foil (grained) is known in the PVC window market as Anthracite Grey (RAL:7016, Renolit 7016 05-116700)

Fixings & Sealants

 Low Modulus Silicone (conforms to BS.5889) and  A4 stainless steel fixings.

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C20325mm Stainless Steel PinStainless25mmBox 250
C20433mm Stainless Steel PinStainless33mmBox 250
C22850mm Stainless Steel PinStainless50mmBox 100
C077Low Modulus SiliconeW/N300ml Tube25
C079General Purpose AdhesiveW310ml Tube12

W = White